Ceramic Cymbals> Ph of presentation at the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL.Lab 3, Ceramic minor, July 2014.Teacher Olaf Stevens.Ceramic Cymbals
Porcelain cymbalswith a glassy soundand a great sustainjessicabizzoni.nlhttp://jessicabizzoni.tumblr.com/http://bit.ly/1sA5Q8Vhttp://issuu.com/jessicabizzoni.nl/docs/ceramic_cymbals

Ceramic Cymbals> Ph of presentation at the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL.
Lab 3, Ceramic minor, July 2014.
Teacher Olaf Stevens.

Ceramic Cymbals

Porcelain cymbals
with a glassy sound
and a great sustain


The stages of ceramic cymbal production from start to finish

This is the future plan for make ceramic cymbals 

- 3D CAD shapes
- 3D printing or CNC cutting
- injection plaster mold
- casting bone china or high fire porcelain ( that it is stronger)
- firing earthenware
- sending and polishing
-firing 1050ºC For Bone China ( high risk of deformation) or 1400ºC for high fire porcelain ( the strongest porcelain with minimum deformation)

Today I got the Last fire ready.

First of all, cymbals fired on top of each others become flat. Despite porcelain, bone chine seems melting more and not being able to keep a shape. The result is a bent plate. It is very similar to a china, but in 5”. Probably this is the best way to make china cymbals without having trouble in the pouring and drying.

To my surprise the pink earthenware with Black synthetic oxide into it become brown spotted on white background. The pitch is higher and but it is difficult to send it by hand. So knowing that I want to show the dark sound in the visual, I decided to spray paint it in black. I result as a glaze, it is not bad, but I could not control the texture of it.

New earthenware cymbals were ready to be sand it for the 1260°C firing. For now the black synthetic oxide into the bone china is pink. I am not expecting to see it black at the next fire. For the presentation I will spray paint it in a dark color if necessary.

It also time to clean the workshop, make selections and throw away useless stuff.

In the meanwhile I continuing looking for information for high firing for having ceramic cymbals.

Today bisque plates were ready to be sand it for the fire 1260°C of tomorrow. After sending the stamp for printing at Kantoorstempels.nlthe surprising results of the glaze samples at CKE makes me wanna understand batter the glaze. The organic effect of dolomite on Iron, synthetic black and terracotta create contrast between light-dark and smooth-matte.
After that it was the right time to think about presentation and how to arrange and positioned on cardboard the texture sample based on the contrast between sharp-smooth, organic-geometric, controlled-not controlled.